Xledger accounting system

Powerful Yet Simple

Designed for the cloud, Xledger is a unique accounting system for organisations with complex financial management needs. With a core focus on automation, insight and scalability, Xledger customers achieve significant benefits that enable them to run leaner, more efficient and more insightful finance departments along with savings in both cost (25% to 75% savings) and management time.

  • Improve business performance
  • Increase financial close efficiency
  • Reduce back-office costs
  • Quickly drill into detail
  • Gain real-time access to live financial data

As a true cloud solution, Xledger frees your organisation from the hassle and cost of traditional on-premise accounting systems. You can avoid the investment in expensive IT infrastructure and the pain of disruptive system upgrades.

Xledger has no vendor lock-in, upfront capital investment, or IT headaches like upgrades. Users simply access the application from any device anywhere anytime. It’s available in over 22 languages, with multi-currency and multi-entity capability, so Xledger is a great choice for both UK and International organisations.

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At the heart of the Xledger ERP is a highly automated, core accounting engine. With Xledger, manual data entry is significantly reduced for accounts payable using OCR technology. For Cashiers, bank statements are automatically uploaded each morning and the requirement to post reoccurring cashbook journals is eliminated through automated cashbook posting.

Speed, and the unpredictability of today’s business climate, makes budgeting and forecasting processes vital ingredients to any finance function. Unlimited budget types and versions – with full multi-dimensional support – are available for measurement comparison, and the ability to build what-if scenarios yield insight into drivers affecting cash flow, profitability and more.

Key aspects that facilitate smooth procurement and inventory processes are accuracy, timing, communication and control. With Xledger, you can streamline processes, reduce spending, standardise supplier networks, automate receiving and receipting, and pay in a timely manner. All of this increases visibility into the complete logistics lifecycle to eliminate guesswork and manage information more effectively.

Traditionally known as CRM, Xledger takes this concept further by offering you eXperience Relationship Management. XRM is about you being actively engaged in managing the experiences of all your stakeholders. Whether the user is a customer, supplier, employee, donor, volunteer, attendee, board member, or investor across discrete or overlapping groups, Xledger makes it easier to manage the relationships critical to your success.

Xledger’s multi-dimensional, multi-currency reports and dashboards provide users with real-time access to data to spot trends, gain insight and aid fast decision-making. With drill-down functionality, budget holders gain confidence and insight from summary information, with the option to dive deeper into underlying transactions and documents at the press of a button.

Helps you overcome business challenges involving service line management, an excess of revenue recognition models, emerging payment methods, the mergers/acquisitions demand for immediate information and complete analysis… all with effective tools for monitoring outcomes. You can setup new jobs quickly, gain control over revenue/expenses, automate billing and allocate costs across numerous dimensions/rates.

When it comes to time and expenses, attendance tracking is essential for understanding billables, profitability, productivity and cost. These things are done easily with just a touch of a button. You can produce expense reports effortless, while enhancing visibility and control, with simple and even automated expense entry, streamlined approvals, and faster payments.

Regardless of your process complexity, with Xledger you can expect the effective automation of repetitive business processes and benefit from effective notification of uncompleted tasks in the process. Specifically, we streamline electronic processes for approval of bills, timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders, journal entries, and payments – with numerous customer-definable validation points.

Cash flow and liquidity are vital to your organisation’s financial health. Inaccessibility or delays to insight around your cash position are removed. Xledger empowers enterprises and Not-for-Profits to effectively monitor their cash position, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automate tasks like bank reconciliation and offset accounting entries.

Improve your customer service and increase your revenue at the same time with a solution capable of supporting your next generation quote to cash process. Enter your orders quickly and accurately. Automate the billing process for time and materials. Access real-time company-wide inventory. Upsell using flexible pricing matrices and order types.

Whether you are responsible for hundreds or thousands of assets, either way they can be a challenge to juggle. However, with little to no manual effort to you, we can make it simple for you to properly manage them. Xledger automates the inventory process, collection of data, and periodic depreciation, while ensuring records are accurate, up-to-date, and audit ready.

Managing thousands of relationships is hard enough, doing so across many applications is daunting. With Xledger’s unified approach, you get a 360-degree view of customers and suppliers. Among other things, you gain insight into profiles, performance, certifications, order, delivery, pay cycles, documentation, compliance and relationships. Save time with rapid on-boarding and standardisation.